Team Eastman 2022 Tour with Updates


2022 Tour Tees are available now!

Show your #TeamEastman support – wear any one of our Tour Tees to the shows we are attending and we’ll ensure A SPECIAL WOOT! WOOT! SHOUT OUT AT THE BOOTH AND A GIFT OR DISCOUNT

Tees will NOT be available at the shows – they must be bought via the website!

At our upcoming GraniteCon appearance we will be accompanied by Dave and Chris of Tentacle 10 Entertainment who will be offering their services as an Authorized CGC Facilitator and Witness, making it super easy for you to get Kevin’s and others signatures witnessed and submitted to CGC.

We have ample booth space in The Armory for Saturday & Sunday : Tables AR54-AR57 adjacent to the TMNT Sewer Lair which is AWESOME for photos.

Catch up with the Tentacle10 guys online:

on Facebook they’re at: tentacle10entertainment

and @Tentacle10 on Instagram


The 2022 tour logos are on the back of the tee.

See you soon in New York City – COWABUNGA!!!

October 6-9 – all details, including dates, booth numbers etc. TBA

SMZ will be available offering their services as an Authorized CGC Facilitator and Witness


Comic Con Brussels – Brussels, Belgium
October 29 & 30


Past 2022 Shows

Lexington Comic & Toy Convention – Lexington, KY
March 26th & 27th

WonderCon with Torpedo Comics (Booth 419) in Anaheim, CA
April 1st & 2nd

Huntsville Comic & Pop Culture Expo – Huntsville, AL
April 23rd & 24th

Washington State Comic Con – Puyallup, WA
June 18th & 19th

Montreal Comicon – Canada
July 9 & 10

Comic-Con International – San Diego, CA
July 21-24

Granite State Comicon  – Manchester, NH
September 17 & 18

2 Responses to “Team Eastman 2022 Tour with Updates

  • ears.everetterrell321
    3 weeks ago

    Hello! I’m going to Granite Con this September, and this will be my first time meeting Kevin and the team! I was just curious whether you guys are doing signatures at the event, and if so, how will that be set up with prices, and is there a limit on how many items we can get signed? Again really excited to see Kevin at the show! Cowabunga!

    • Hi there – sorry for the late reply. I believe that signatures will be $20 and remarques $45. We may have to institute a limi8t so that all the folks in line get an opportunity to get an item signed but you can always join the line again. Please know that Kevins lines while very long are the friendliest and most fun in the business Looking forward to seeing you there – COWABUNGA!!!

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