RRRR Facebook LIVE DRAW Continues Sunday

Please support this charming kickstarter and fulfill the quest to see Halls of The Turnip King published as a hardcover graphic novel – a novel you will love to own or gift.

Halls of the Turnip King is an original graphic novel created by Canadian comic artist Brenda Hickey (My Little Pony, Ward’s Valley) and beloved wife of our very own #RRRR Troy Little. It is a fantasy/comedy story that follows the blunders of an unexperienced (and highly uninterested) Elf prince as he navigates the diplomatic role he will one day inherit.  Of course nothing ever works that smoothly, especially when the ones in charge aren’t much smarter than a basket of turnips.

Join Brenda live on facebook tomorrow night, Sunday October 13 at 8PM (Atlantic Time) as she continues to ink and colour this fantabulous and extraordinarily rare RRRR wraparound cover featuring our heroines in traditional kimono interrupted from their cherry blossom viewing by a pack of Dogs! Here’s a progress photo of the glorious cover to date.

All proceeds from the sale of this work will benefit the Halls of The Turnip King kickstarter.


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