Toon Kala


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She’s from another time. She’s from another dimension-Dimension X that is! She’s Kala, the Turtle-trusting teen that’s outta this world. She’s a party-goin’ gal who can hang with the best of ’em. Always in style and ready to fly into action, Kala likes to mix it up with those Foot fellas. With her cosmic comb in her hand and her anti-gravity boots on her feet, there’s no way she can lose. Buddied-up with her other Dimension X plasmic pals, like Zak and Dask, Kala’s a clever kid and loves to help the Green Teen in any groovy way she can. And boy can she! This cosmic cutie has won the hearts of the hard-shelled heros-they’d even give her their last piece of pizza-if they had one.



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