TMNT NECA Cartoon Mondo Gecko with Signed COA and Hologram Label


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Eastman Studios is thrilled to be offering these NECA Action Figures with Signed COAs

Plucked from the sewers by the malevolent Mr. X, Mondo Gecko only knew a life of crime. That was until this gnarly skateboarder met his long lost sewer mate Michelangelo! Mondo and Mikey soon realised they were “born to be best buds,” and teamed up to thwart Mr. X’s villainous venture! Hailing from the distant Planet of the Turtleoids, Kerma was no typical terrapin. As the sanctity of his beloved utopian city of Shell-Ri-La was terrorized by the treacherous Herman the Horrible, Kerma searched the galaxy for savior. Surmising an Earthling could protect his peace-loving people, Kerma brought Groundchuck, Dirtbag and the Turtles back to his homeworld to defeat the devious double-headed dragon! This radical gecko is ready to help his companions with his DX blaster, arm gauntlet, and a time bomb. Also included is a skateboard with rolling wheels, a money bag, Kerma figure, baby gecko, interchangeable hands, and more!

Comes in Ultimate style packaging resembling classic VHS artwork.

Here at  Kevin Eastman Studios this figure is accompanied by a 2023 Hologram Label of Provenance on the window packaging and an Eastman Signed exclusive art card COA, Certificate of Authenticity.

This hand signed art card COA is a Kevin Eastman Studios exclusive.


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