TMNT Issue 114 – Original Art – Tokka and Rahzar move in for the attack



This stunning 11″ x 17″ pen and ink artwork was the cover art for issue #114 of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.This original artwork is accompanied by a hand assembled TMNT Time Capsule from Kevin.

Released in November 2020, this stunning original is signed by Kevin lower left – Eastman ’21

This original artwork is accompanied by a TMNT Time Capsule, hand assembled and signed by Kevin. This is the provenance to accompany the artwork and ensure you know that you received this directly from Kevins studio in Northampton, Massachusetts. The contents of the Time Capsule vary depending on what we have at hand.

The time capsule does includes a Turtle Tracks letter of thanks from Kevin, a photograph and a history of highlights in the life of the TMNT.

As Kevin says “by including the Time Capsule package from me, the world knows exactly where you got it and allows me to thank you for your purchase”.

This original work of art is accompanied by a copy of the book featuring the finished artwork as the cover

Jennika comes face to face with the person who almost killed her—Karai! Will the other Turtles be able to stop Jennika from exacting revenge before Bebop and Rocksteady find her first?


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