Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Limited, SIGNED Artisan Edition


Only 8 are available

This stunning hardcover is signed by Kevin on the inside front page in red ink with a small TMNT head sketch remarque.


This book reproduces all the original art to the first issue of one of the most important comic book phenomenons of the last few decades — The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Scanned directly from the original art, mimicking the experience of the original hand drawn page, and also collecting all the layouts (also hand drawn) by the creators of what has been called this generation’s Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. Rounding out the volume is an extensive gallery of other TMNT images, also scanned directly from the original art.

This stunning hardcover is signed by Kevin on a bound in bookplate in red ink and is one of a limited edition of just 500 copies, printed exclusively for an IDW Indiegogo limited edition in 2017 and we are also including a complimentary copy of the invitation to the inaugural exhibit featuring Kevin artwork at the SDCAG – a fun, freebie collectible.

The Exclusive IDW Indiegogo Signed Edition

What is special about this version of the book:

  • Each book is hand-signed by Kevin Eastman.
  • Limited to only 500 copies.





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