Set of 2 Signed Smash ‘Em Bash ‘Em Turtles Toys – SOLD $160

Winning Bid: $160

Item condition: New


An awesome Set of 2 Signed 1992, Smash ‘Em Bash ‘Em Turtles Toys comprising Karate Choppin’ Mike and Ninja Knockin’ Bebop. Each also has their vintage control handles.

These toys are not in their packaging but both are signed by and come from Kevins personal collection where you can trust they have been played with had many a smash ’em battle.

We Guarantee that these collectible figures comes from the personal collection of Kevin Eastman, co-creator of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and is shipped from his Northampton, Massachusetts studio. This set of two is accompanied by a Signed Certificate of Authenticity. Check the photographs for details.

Shipping will be calculated automatically at the conclusion of the auction based on the final shipping destination.

We ship twice weekly from Kevin Eastman Studios in Northampton. Massachusetts

Karate Choppin’ Mike – The Judo-jammin’ Hard-shelled Hero!

Hiya! I am master Mike, karate king and Foot stomper. I have no mercy for the Foot fools who dare to come up against me. I crush them like the bugs they are. My mind is clear and my soul is pure – and my gnarly knuckles are anxious to hurt the Foot. That is why I never lose a fight. My reflexes are lightning fast and my judo jabs really sting. Together we make an unstoppable team – you control my every move, and I chop the chumps. Together as one in mind and spirit, we will never know defeat or lose to de-Foot.Bebop –

Ninja Knockin’ Bebop – The Night Ninja Nuisance!

Hey, I’m not a bad boy. Just because I wanna break every bone in those green-headed Turtles’ bodies. And just cuz I wanna rip out their lungs and tear off their legs – that doesn’t make me bad – it makes me good. In fact, I’m the greatest Turtle-tearer to ever perforate those puny punks in the ring. I like to kick high and kick low, and with you at my controls, we can pounce and pound any Turtle who dares to challenge us. I got the attitude and the power – and with your anti-Turtle timing, we will be the undefeated champs of the world. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!


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