Rappin’ Mike


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The Record Rappin’ Reptile!

Kick it, dude. It’s Rappin’ Mike – and he’s rip-rappin’ to the rescue! Can’t touch this clippin’ lipper as he cribs it on the flipside. When mike’s mutin’ the menace, you can’t lose! He’s hangin’ a rappin’ ‘n scratchin’ turntable to squelch the sewer scum from here to kingdom come. Ooze, baby, ooze! Lay an eye-spy on Mike’s def mutant mic – yo, it’s a ninety decibel nunchuku! And keep ’em hip hoppin’ and Foot floppin’ with Mike’s moon moccasins. So be a cool home boy: ice it on the spotlight and blast it with the sheik of shell. Go, ninja, go with Rappin’ Mike!



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