Original 1993 Night Ninja Bebop – Fantabulous Condition – Kevin’s Personal Toy Collection

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This is a brand new, sealed 1993 Playmates Night Ninja Bebop – The Humongous Hog under a Half Moon!

This vintage collectible comes directly from Kevin’s personal collection and remains unopened. This toy is wicked hard to find in this new, NM unopened condition AND from Kevin’s Personal Collection – – this is a one of a kind.

We Guarantee that this awesome collectible comes from the personal collection of Kevin Eastman, co-creator of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles accompanied by the Signed Certificate of Authenticity with a Hologram Label of Provenance.

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We ship globally, twice weekly from Kevin Eastman Studios in Northampton. Massachusetts.

Whoever said, “A warthog is a warthog is a warthog,” never met Bebop. And for sure, that same numskull never knew about Night Ninja Bebop -the fastest fiend to ever change from a hoggy henchman to a foggy Armored Night Ninja! And it’s no wonder no one knows about this quick-change artist. Night Ninja Bebop can switch faster than Don can down a pepperoni pizza! Just a splash of Ooze, and a squeeze of his lovely legs is all it takes to start this hog a-changin’. This is one wicked wiseguy you’ll be sorry you ever met. Hopefully, you won’t meet Night Ninja Bebop face-to-face. Armed and armored to the hilt, Night Ninja Bebop’s got his Mutatin’ bracers, which Mutates into a killer chain (that means they’re dangerous)! And beware of Bebop’s deadly Turtle-tearin’ tonfa -one jab and it’s good night forever! As you can see, Night Ninja Bebop can unleash his Foot frenzy in a flash. So fast, most won’t even know what’s going on. The sewer secrets abound with Night Ninja Bebop. May Splinter train the Teens well!


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