Lost Angeles ® – Book 3 (Digital Download)


LOST ANGELES created by Kevin Eastman and Simon Bisley

Cover by Simon Bisley

Pencils & Inks • Both Page Art and Designs: Jon Reed

Book Layout and Design by Dan Berger


Lost Angeles is an edgy, action-packed, post-apocalyptic science fiction story set in the ruins of a future Los Angeles.

The world fell into ruin in when “IT” happens. A near miss by a giant comet causes a massive plate tectonic shift. The poles drift into warmer waters and melt, raising sea levels and spinning Mankind’s civilization into a planet-wide war for control of every inch of livable earth. As the waters recede over the next decade, the survivors band together in tribe-like gangs, each group fiercely claiming their own little piece of turf.

The relative peace and harmony of the past has become nothing more than a distant legend. The heart of the story revolves around “The Stompers”, a gang of multi-ethnic holocaust survivors and their daily struggle to protect nine blocks of Hollywood Blvd. – their turf.

An unlikely Romeo and Juliet story unfolds in this hard and violent New World. Mikal, second in command of the Stompers, and Angel, an Aztekkain Princess, are from two warring gangs, but both teenagers share the same DREAM and belief that there has to be a better way and a better place than the war-torn city they live in.

But the dark clouds of war have spread across the city, as the maddened Aztekkian Emperor plots an all-out attack and destroy all the other gangs in LOST ANGELES.

When their dreams of a better world and destiny collide, Mikal and his band of misfits must rescue the Aztekkain Princess from her people’s stronghold in Downtown LA, then, pursued by her brother Rahzarr, his warriors, and the mercenary Elite troopers, the Stompers must fight their way through all the savage gangs as they make their way across Lost Angeles to Venice, the ocean, and freedom.

Envisioned in classic HEAVY METAL style science fiction storytelling, this post-apocalyptic epic was created and developed by Kevin Eastman, and Simon Bisley.


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