Jennika II Issue 1 Original Cover Art Bundle


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This art bundle comprises two (2) original works of art. The pen and ink finished work will grace the cover of JENNIKA II, #1. The blue pencil rough is also included in this purchase or as we like to call it – a CowaBundle

This stellar original pen and ink art measures 11″ x 17″ and is signed lower right.

The blue pencil rough is 8.5″ x 11″ and is also signed and notes the inspiration for this work of art being the AWESOME X-MEN #173 cover by the enormously talented Paul Smith.

The color image is NOT included but details what the cover will look like once printed. We will include a copy of the published book once we receive it too.

This original artwork is accompanied by a TMNT Time Capsule, hand assembled and signed by Kevin. This is the provenance to accompany the artwork and ensure you know that you received this directly from Kevins studio.

The time capsule includes a Turtle Tracks letter of thanks from Kevin, an art print and a history of highlights in the life of the TMNT.

As Kevin says “by including the Time Capsule package from me, the world knows exactly where you got it and allows me to thank you for your purchase”.


Jennika II

Due to overwhelming demand the breakout hit TMNT character is back with another solo adventure! Mutants are turning into monsters and fear is spreading. Jennika takes to the underworld of Mutant Town to get to the bottom of the situation. Little does she know old enemies and new await!


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