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High Tech Toilet Torture Trap!

1988 Shredder and 1992 Mutatin’ Donatello included!

3 signatures and a head sketch!

It’s nail biting time as Shredder attempts to toilet train the Turtles!  Working in his secret lavatory, Shredder retrofit a portable public john with parts from a nuclear power plant, inventing the ultimate Turtle torture device – the Fluchomatic!  The perfect device for prying secrets out of tight-lipped Turtles so that Shredder can destroy their hideout and dominate the world!  A toilet bowl of Retromutagen Ooze and a trip back to the aquarium awaits the careless Turtle who wanders into Shredder’s hight tech outhouse.  So party hardy, Turtles, but remember if you snooze, you’ll ooze!



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