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The San Diego Comic Art gallery Exhibition Catalog (Soft Cover)

This gorgeous 8.5″ x 11″ catalog is SIGNED on the inside front page in silver by Kevin.

This beautiful 140 page catalog showcases the exhibition recently on display at The San Diego Comic Art Gallery. With photos of the grand opening and of Kevin Eastman’s studio and page after gorgeous page of original art, this catalog is sure to be prized by both Turtles fans and original comic art fans alike.

The assembled artwork and manuscripts include preliminary drawings and finished art, illustrating Kevins meticulous approach and dedication to his work, a foundation of the Turtles’ early success.  They include his earliest sketches and most recent covers, showing how comic books are made and how artists may achieve their dreams.  The display reveals his remarkable imagination and prodigious creativity, underlining his dedication to the comic arts as a means to entertain, empower, educate, and inspire children and adults.

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