Edigamma Turtles Fumetti Set of 13 Books

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A super hard to find set of Italian Fumetti  books – 13 in total and directly from TMNT co creator Kevin Eastman. These have been housed in book storage at Mirage Studios in Northampton since their first publication in the early 1990s. This collection  was sent to Mirage by Edigamma the Italian Publisher, contractually, as a sample set of the books they were producing for the Italian market.

The books vary in content but the racocolta, or book collection, includes republishing parts of the TMNT Archie series printed in color as well as including games, activities and puzzles and sometimes a toy or even a goofy clam pizza puzzle was included too

This is a terrific opportunity to gather a very rare collection of fun fumetti.


We Guarantee that this fantastic collection of books comes from the personal collection of Kevin Eastman, co-creator of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and is shipped from his Northampton, Massachusetts studio barn. It is accompanied by a Signed Certificate of Authenticity.

Shipping will be calculated automatically at the conclusion of the auction based on the final shipping destination.

We ship twice weekly from Kevin Eastman Studios in Northampton. Massachusetts

The condition of the 13 books seen here varies from book to book. Usually these sell for approximately 20 – 50 euros each so this is a wild opportunity to snag so many in one auction.

Enormous thanks to awesome fans, Alessio Rotini and Peyton Holland for translations and much of the publication details.


A translation of some of the terms seen on the cover of these books includes:
Fumetti = Comics
Tutto a colori = in Color
Emozionanti Avventure = Exciting Adventures
Giochi = Games
Passatempi = Pastimes or hobbies (games & activities)
Rubriche = Special sections like letters from kids to the editors or answers to questions submitted by kids.
Un super-fantastico regalo = Super Fantastic Gift


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