Drawing Blood Volume 1 – Spilled Ink – Rodriguez/Eastman/Bishop


The story behind the stories …


Drawing Blood Volume 1 – Rodriguez, Eastman, Bishop Cover

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A dark-comic look inside the life of a famous cartoonist on the skids: the story behind the stories – from the co-creator of the TMNT.

Drawing Blood is the story of Shane “Books” Bookman, a cartoonist on the skids.  Back in the day, he and his brother birthed a billion dollar franchise out of their garage… but they were too young and too dumb to know how to handle it. Now… Books is hitting his forties (hard), the money all gone, artistic inspiration all tapped out, beset on all sides… and trying to recover from his catastrophic encounter with the hit-and-run-drive called “Early Success.”

Drawing Blood is co-created by Kevin Eastman and David Avallone
Script David Avallone
Art by Ben Bishop, Kevin Eastman and Troy Little
Cover by Robert Rodriguez, Kevin Eastman and Ben Bishop, Colors by Tomi Varga


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