Don’s Telephone Line Rider Backpack (with ’88 Don)


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Now the Turtles can leave their hangups behind with Don’s Telephone Line Rider Backpack. If Don’s not sure who’s at the other end of the line, he simply charges up the garbage-powered line rider and races across at a radical rate. And once Don slaps on the safety strap, he can hang, hover and holler – all without fear of falling. This is no high wire act – this is the real line ridin’ thing. With 24′ of communication cable and a garbage can guidance system, Don won’t get disconnected . Now do you understand why this is Don’s favorite mode of transportation? That’s right, Einstein, He can keep away from the Foot by hangin’ high on this wacky way-up wire. Whoa, Don-lovin-dudes! He’s one Turtle teen who can get across town at top talk speed – and best of all, it’s toll free!

  • Bird Rest Banner
  • Garbage-powered Line Rider
  • 24′ of Communication Cable
  • Spinnin’ Garbage Can Lid
  • Garbage Can Guidance System
  • Telephone Pole Balance Brace
  • Stunning Safety Strap
  • Turtle Talk Sai Phone


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