Decorative Engraved Pizza Peel featuring Kevin’s TMNT “The Boys Are Back”


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Kevin Eastman Drawn – Glow Forge etched and laser cut to perfection in our Northampton, Massachusetts studio.

This unique and whimsical display is perfect as a gift for yourself or a TMNT or Pizza friend. Ideal to hang in your kitchen.

Kevin’s 2019 image “The Boys Are Back” is painstakingly recreated and laser etched onto a 22″ x 12″ Pizza Peel to capture the smallest details. Finished with a clear acrylic to protect the art. It is not recommended that this be used for food.

Please Note – Each work is handmade and therefore susceptible to minor imperfections. Knots in the wood and unique grain patterns are part of what makes each sign unique. We cannot accept returns, but we will consider exchanges on a case by case basis.

These projects are overseen, designed and authorized by Kevin personally and each has a handmade label attached providing the provenance to accompany the artwork and ensure you know that you received this directly from Kevin’s studio in Northampton, Massachusetts.


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