BODYCOUNT Eastman CowaBundle


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This bundle spotlights the enormously popular BODYCOUNT series and includes 7 glorious, frenetic, action packed Kevin Eastman and Simon Bisley classics.

You will receive 5 books from Image Comics, each a first printing from 1996. These comprise 4 serialized books AND the Collected Trade, PLUS Casey Jones and Raphael Number One from Mirage Publishing, 1994 AND the exquisite 2018 Hard Cover Collected edition from Top Shelf featuring a gorgeous head sketch remarque by Kevin in metallic ink on the insidefront.

Legendary talents team up for a jaw-dropping action-romp starring the baddest dudes in the TMNT universe: Raphael and Casey Jones. It’s a must for grown-up Turtles fans and anyone nostalgic for the grim ‘n’ gritty days of 90s comics.

“Pure, unfiltered and unhindered Kevin Eastman.” TMNT Entity




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