1993 TMNT Robotic Bebop and Rocksteady – SIGNED

Winning Bid: $185

Item condition: New


This is a pair of Playmates Toys – Robotic Bebop and Rocksteady– BOTH SIGNED BY KEVIN EASTMAN – a very cool and hard to find toy set.

These guys are both in great shape and come from Kevin’s Personal Collection. Each is signed by him on their left foot. These are loose toys and weapons are not included.

We Guarantee that this awesome collectible comes from the personal collection of Kevin Eastman, co-creator of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles where they have been displayed. The set is accompanied by the Signed Certificate of Authenticity with a Hologram Label of Provenance.

Shipping will be calculated automatically at the conclusion of the auction, based on the final shipping destination.

Payment for this auction is required to be paid in full within 72 hours of the conclusion of the auction.

We ship globally, twice weekly from Kevin Eastman Studios in Northampton. Massachusetts.

Action Figure Descriptions:

Robotic Bebop
The Metallic Manic with the Ugly Mug!
Vital Robotistics

Favorite Oil: Turtleweight
Favorite Fuel: Strained Turtle Brains

Frustrated by the constant incompetence of regular ol’ Bebop, Shredder developed a robotic version of the winsome warthog and appropriately dubbed him, Robotic Bebop. Now this colossal can of nuts and bolts is a mechanized menacing monster – and the Turtles are tired already of contending with this humongous hunk of junk. But Robotic Bebop is indeed a contender. Suited up with the finest grade titanium and equipped with atypical fiendish weaponry, the Turtles best beware and have a care! That stained steel cutter means black ‘n blue business; and the laser luger/flame thrower combo is so much weapon, it shoots everything but the kitchen sink. And when Robotic Bebop wants to just have fun with his Turtle prey, he’ll get ’em in the clutches of his menacing mechanical Mutant claw and tickle away. Turtles take cover – it’s Robotic Bebop: he’s metal, he meddles and he’s mental, totally!

Robotic Rocksteady
The Sinister Steel-jointed Thug!
Vital Robotistics

Favorite Transistor: PH 101X
Favorite Tool: Screwdriver

Determined to eliminate the stupidity of regular ol’ Rocksteady Shredder developed a robotic version of the restless rhino and appropriately named him, Robotic Rocksteady. Now Shredder can program this mechanical minion to do his evil bidding. He’s perfect for seemingly suicidal missions, cuz he has no sense of mortality. He will obey Shredder’s every command, even if it means certain doom. But Shredder has a heart: he gave this steel jointed juggernaut the most advanced Mutant weapons available. The easy-to-thrash Turtle-chunkin’ chilling chainsaw sword can make mincemeat of almost anything. And if that’s not enough, the poke ’em pry bar and laser wrist rifle can finish off whatever Robotic Rocksteady started. So Turtles take cover and hope this ravin’ robot rusts before he cracks your shell. If the future of robotics looks sinister, it’s because it is!



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