1993 Road Ready Shredder – Terrific condition – Signed on Box SOLD $224

Winning Bid: $224

Item condition: New


This 1993 action figure has never been used and is in AWESOME condition, in its original box AND the box is SIGNED by Kevin with a head sketch remarque and comes directly from Kevin’s Personal Collection.

We Guarantee that this fun classic collectible come from the collection of Kevin Eastman, co-creator of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and is shipped from his Northampton, Massachusetts studio and is accompanied by a Signed Certificate of Authenticity with a Hologram Label of Provenance. The box corners show small signs of shelf wear but has been housed in Kevin’s personal collection since its production.

This collectible will be shipped from the Northampton, Massachusetts studio and shipping will be calculated automatically at the conclusion of the auction based on the final shipping destination.

We ship twice weekly from Kevin Eastman Studios in Northampton. Massachusetts

Thanks to Turtlepedia for the detailed toy description:

Clear the sidewalks, cuz Shredder’s behind the wheel-in fact, he is the wheel! Shredder’s tired of lettin’ his mindless minions have all the fun, so he’s Mutatin’ himself into the Mutant Module. Just a little Ooze, mixed in with a dash of motor oil, a twist here and a crank there, and you can Mutate this ghastly guy into a gas-guzzlin’ goon. Shredder’s behind the wheel and totally in charge of the dirt-diggin’ demolition Mutant Module machine. He’s wheelin’ ‘n diggin’ out damage as fast as he can Mutate! And when he’s ready to fight, he Mutates back into his horrible, helmeted self. But wait, there’s more! Shredder would never drive around empty-handed, or empty-wheeled- and that’s why he has his Mutatin’ weapons 0′ destruction. Just look at his Mutatin’ Jack-one second it’s a jack, the next it’s a lethal lube gun! And his nose drill shield is designed specifically to slice ‘n dice Turtles at top speed. So Turtles beware–there’s a new Mutation on the block. And, why, yes, in fact, he does own the road!


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