1993 Playmates Toys Technodrome Scout Vehicle – SIGNED

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This is the 1993 Playmates Toys Technodrome Scout Vehicle – AND IT IS SIGNED BY KEVIN EASTMAN

The Dreaded, Treaded All-terrain Tunneling Terror!

A toy of the Mini Technodrome was created to compliment the original. This version was referred to as the Technodrome Scout Vehicle, and is blue in color. Much smaller that the original, it holds a single toy figure (not included – Playmates Toys sold the figures separately). The sides of the Mini Technodrome open from the front, allowing access to the inside which  includes a single command chair, periscope, computer console, and gun controls.

The periscope on the top could rise several inches above the body of the toy, with the gun rotating 360 degrees. When the Mini Technodrome is pushed, its rotating wheels cause the two drills on the front to rotate as well.

This toy is brand new in its factory sealed packaging and Kevin has signed the front of the box. There is some minor storage wear on the package as shown in the photos but this is signed by Kevin Eastman AND comes from his personal collection.

We Guarantee that this awesome collectible comes from the personal collection of Kevin Eastman, co-creator of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles accompanied by the Signed Certificate of Authenticity with a Hologram Label of Provenance.

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We ship globally, twice weekly from Kevin Eastman Studios in Northampton. Massachusetts.

Toy Description

It’s the cool carvin’, ditch-diggin’, all-terrain, Turtle-terrorizin’ Mutant maulin’ machine – the Technodrome Scout Vehicle, that is! Thanks to thos ingenious engineers at Foot Clan Central, Shredder’s got a new mobile Mutant mushin’ machine and it’s just the right size. That’s right! This compact cruncher is built for one! It’s personal, yet colossal. It’s a one-manned mega Mutant mauler, jammed with an abundance of frightful features, cuz Shredder made sure his technicians didn’t cut corners.

Get a load of the goodies packed in this bad boy baby: equipped with finger flick missiles and Mutant machine guns, this battlin’ bruise cruiser can take any Foot fiend right into the heat of the city. And whether the Turtles wage war against this all-terrain terror above ground or underground, the Technodrome scout Vehicle can get there with power and style. No place is safe when the automatic rotatin’ drills start spinnin’. There’s no place to hide from the 360 degree sinister stick-steerin’ periscope – and no face is without fear when this tremblin’ tractor tears into town.


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