1990 Sewer Seltzer Cannon – Signed with Headsketch Remarque

Winning Bid: $165

Item condition: New


This wacky 1990 toy is in its original unopened box and is signed on the front by Kevin with a terrific TMNT head sketch remarque. The box does show very small scuffs on the corners but has been housed in Kevin’s Personal Collection since its release in 1990.

We Guarantee that this awesome toy comes directly from Kevin Eastman Studios and is shipped from the Northampton, Massachusetts studio.

Shipping will be calculated automatically at the conclusion of the auction, based on the final shipping destination.

We ship twice weekly from Kevin Eastman Studios in Northampton, Massachusetts.

The Water Weapon that Scrubs out Foot Scum!

Featuring: Big Dripper Searchlight, Pennant Pole, Soft Plastic Water Bulb Blaster, Clear Sewer Seltzer Bottles, Plunger Support Post, Freewheelin’ Turtle Tires, Turtlized Rims, Mutant Camoflage, Triple-plated Turtle Armor, Stereoscoptic Binoculars

“Now you can fizzle in the face of the Foot!

Give ’em a splish-splash Foot bath with a blast from the powerful Sewer Seltzer Cannon. Take to the streets and squirt sewer seltzer at the Foot Clan with this hysterical hydro-howitzer.

May the water pressure be with you!


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