Auctions Ending Tomorrow Night – Sunday April 17 and new stuff too

The Auctions department is brimming with fun collectibles all from Kevin’s Personal Collections of unusual and unique TMNT goodies.

Current offerings include an AWESOME bundle of fun featuring Egyptian TMNT Books and Vintage KMART in store displays, a rare TMNT Movie crew jacket from 1990 and a mug and cookie set signed by and even modeled by Kevin. Plus a signed copy of TMNT 18 – the NIRVANA homage and a lovely Charity Auction bundle signed by A.C. Farley.


EVERYTHING in our Auctions Department comes directly from Kevin Eastman’s Private Collection!!!!!!!

check these out now!

We ship globally twice weekly from Northampton, Massachusetts.

2 Responses to “Auctions Ending Tomorrow Night – Sunday April 17 and new stuff too

  • darrell.dilsaver85
    2 months ago

    I’ve often heard the phrase its dangerous to meet your hero. Because they may let you down. I will absolutely go on the record to say Kevin Eastman not only met expectations but surpassed them. He was genuine and awesome to his fans at lexington. He was engaging in conversation and even answered my daughters question. I would also like to thank his wife and workers at Lexington for all they did to take care of the fans, especially on Saturday. It was a great experience for me and i will cherish it forever. The photo op was awesome and worth it. I would wait again in a line even if it was just to say hi. Also, I was not expecting members to get a free print and signature just another perk of being a member. TEAM EASTMAN ALL THE WAY. Thanks for the great memories in person and in the comics.

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