Look Who Is Back

Look who’s back!
It’s a FUGITOID vacuum-metallized figure in a plain white box 👍

This sleek and shiny Fugitoid pose was developed by Mirage Studios resident artist Michael Dooney who created the concept art and turn around drawings for this particular Fugitoid toy. These unique figures were commissioned by TMNT co-creator Peter Laird and manufactured by Playmates Toys in 2009. They were never released in stores, so this is a Mirage Studios/Eastman Studios exclusive item and is only available here.

The figure is non-articulated (so it’s an “inaction” figure) and comes in a plain white box.

Fugitoid stands approximately 4.5″ tall and is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

This figure recently got a very cool 5 star review too:

OK peeps…my dudes and dudettes…

How…. how am I the first to leave a review on the phenomenal offering, that is this gorgeous limited edition Fugitoid figure?

This is a must have for your TMNT collection. The detail is fantastic and the metallic shine makes it stand out among the other characters you’ll have in your collection. Plus, with it being a never released in stores figure, you’ll have something unique to show people, with pride knowing you have something special!

I’ll buy more if you don’t buy them now. I’ll do it. I’m Loco man.

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