UPDATED: Eastman Designed TMNT/THOR Tee of the Week – Awesome TMNT History Story too

This is a longer post than most of mine but check out this awesome bit of old and new TMNT history:

My creative partner Peter Laird and I have been lifelong super fans of the work of Jack Kirby and Walt Simonson. Back in 1984 we created a tribute piece featuring TMNT and Thor that I wore as a tee at our May 5, 1984 signing in Portsmouth NH when we premiered the TMNT issue 1. This gallery shows Jack Kirbys 1966 cover that inspired Walt Simonsons 1983 tribute that in turn inspired us.

Over the years I like to go back and noodle around on older pieces and in doing so recently I pulled out an old pencil of this TMNT Thor piece and discovered that back in the day I had actually penciled the original layouts for TMNT issue 1, page 36 on the back – wow!

The gallery for this tee shows our 1984 signing, the TMNT issue 1 layouts on the reverse of the tribute, the Kirby and Simonson works, Peter and me last week chatting about this piece, courtesy of #TeamEastman Elias Derby who owns this piece and this weeks Tee of the week – with me and family wearing this tee at Granite Con in NH recently.

This tee is available in sizes Small – 4XL through Wednesday October 5, 2022
UPDATE: After posting this story we were contacted by Jason who owns the original painted piece used to make the iron on for the shirt I am wearing back in 1984. This piece was sold in 1985. I’ve added these images to the gallery below – woot!!!


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