Drawing Blood and Ragdolls Updates

Hi all – thanks to everyone who backed Drawing Blood and the Ragdolls which we are all so proud of and know you will enjoy.

After a slight hiccup we now have copies of all the Drawing Blood variants AND the Ragdolls comics in Northampton. – yay!!! We are awaiting the arrival of one more pallet and then Ben, who don’t forget, is working with me against a crazy tight deadline for the phenomenal upcoming Target R TMNT project, can sign a whopping 700 plus books and sketch covers AND then we can bag and board everything and ship them out to you.

In addition to the TMNT deadlines and just to keep the chaos at a frenetic level, me and Ben will be attending conventions over the next 2 weekends too. Ben will be at the Alamo City Comic Con show in TX, October 26-28 and both of them will be at the RICC Rhode Island Comic Con show in Providence the first weekend in November.

As soon as we can coordinate a final signing date in Northampton we will begin shipping immediately.

For those of you who picked up Digital copies of the book, we will release those links at the time we begin shipping too.

Thanks for your time with this update.

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  • Do you know if/when this book will be available to buy for people who didn’t back the Kickstarter 🙁 ?

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