Raph’s Sewer Speedboat with Mike on Board


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The Splashin’ Sewer Sea Skimmer!

Really Floats!
Converts to Hyper Hydrofoil!
Two Bubble Bustin’ Bombs!
Turtle Head Hull!

Now you can soak the Foot with the most powerful sewer boat to slip through the sewers. Hop aboard and cast off on Raph’s Sewer Speedboat – the fastest craftiest craft ever. Raph’s decked out this floating fort with two bubble burstin’ bombs and forward bow phasers. Once you get the Turtle head hull up to top speed, expose the hinged hydrofoil spoiler, pull down the sewer skimmin’ ski and sail above the sewer sludge with ease. You’ll have the power to plow through the pipes with the “waterproof” rocket retros set at full Foot flattenin’ speed! Shoot the rapids as well as the Foot Clan. Just one warning, though – don’t get Raph’s comfy chair wet – he hates that … he really does!


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