Mondo Gecko


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The Rip Roarin’, Skateboardin’ Reptile

“A Loner, A Lizard. A Skatemaster. Mutated from a head-banging, thrash-metal, teenage guitarist, Mondo Gecko is the coolest lizard to surf the concrete jungle.” Known to his cold-blooded boardin’ breathren as “The Mon,” Mondo Gecko likes to skate the sewers and grease the grind. This maximum maniac grooves on shining the curbside and puts fun and freedom ahead of everything else. He’s always stoked and lookin’ for a new adventure. So when the Turtles need some extra help, Mondo’s ready to skate, rattle and roll.

Mondo Gecko and the Turtles make funky freestylin’ friends. Teenager to the end, Mondo’s got his brain jammed into Michaelangelo’s frequency. They’re both party dudes – and that makes for a totally awesome twosome. With braces on his tubular teeth and cream on his mutant zits, Mondo Gecko chomps and chews on Butter beans and rips through the sewer pipes, ready to crash and thrash the Foot.



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