Big News! IDW’s TOP SHELF Publishing has plans to release the 1996 epic Raphael and Casey Jones Graphic Novel – BODYCOUNT in 2018!

One hundred pages of pure Eastman/Bisley madness! Originally published by Erik Larson/Image Comics, this fan favorite has been out of print for more than a decade.

The story follows Raphael, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, and his “Best Bud” Casey Jones on a manic road trip, as they try to help the mysterious “Fem Fatale” Midnight escape a murderous band of assassins trying to silence her before she reaches the hidden “Sanctuary” in the United States.

The Graphic Novel will be released in Hard Cover, as it was originally published in 1996. Story and pencils by me, inks by Simon Bisley, with original colors by A.C. Farley.

Stay tuned for more specific release details, but in the meantime – check out my designs for the new cover Simon Bisley is painting as write – can you guess which one he’s painting?

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