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Mikey & Leo


Product Description

Kevin Eastman Studios Exclusive!


In celebration of my 2 year collaboration with Threezero working to create my very own version of TMNT action figures, we are thrilled to announce our own VERY EXCLUSIVE Kevin Eastman Studios edition collectible sets, with production limited to just 25 sets of 4.

First to ship will be Leo and Mikey by December of this year (2016). Donnie and Raph will follow in the spring of 2017.

To add to the exclusivity of these uniques sets, each KBE Studios edition set will come with a hand drawn mini pizza box, signed copies of my original concept drawings of each figure, and temporary versions of the tattoos newly adorning each character.

Sets will be available by pre-order beginning August 1st on a first come – first served basis for $2,000 per set with payments of 50% with the initial order and 50% upon the announcement of a final ship date for Donnie and Raph.  Each complete 4 piece set will be accompanied by a Unique, Signed and Numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

1/6th scale Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles KBE Studios collectible set details:

  • Stands ~29.7cm tall/11.7inches tall;
  • Original Bodies with over 25 points of articulations;
  • Soft PVC dermis on the arms.
  • Exclusive KBE Studios Tattoo Decal
  • Exclusive KBE Studios Red Bandana
  • Exclusive KBE Studios Paint Scheme
  • Exclusive KBE Studios Original Mini Pizza Box
  • Exclusive KBE Studios Signed Copy of Original Designs
  • Exclusive KBE Studios Temporary Tattoo Set

Mikey comes with following accessories:

  • Nunchaku x 2;
  • Kusarigama;
  • Throwing Stars (in different shapes) x 5;
  • Skateboard.

Leo comes with following accessories:

  • Katana x 2;
  • Short Knife;
  • Hand Held Blade.

Note: Purchasing this set guarantees you the second set of Donnie and Raph.  The additional $1.000 will be charged to your card upon the announcement of a final ship date early in 2017.  Shipping is included in the purchase price.




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