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The Militant Mole!

Put your ear to the ground and listen for Dirtbag, the militant mutant mole man. He’s a crazy coal miner and a mad mole all rolled into one. Dirtbag tunnels through sewers like a chisel through cheese. This mole mutant’s main mission is to seek out and destroy his arch enemy, Splinter. And sewer searchin’ couldn’t be easier with Dirtbag’s gear: a rancid rat pack, chisel knife. The sewers are sure to crumble under the weight of Dirtbag’s jack hammer gun-the deadliest pneumatic tool in the world! And Splinter better stop snoozin’ in his meditation chamber, ’cause Dirtbag’s got a mind-numbing 4-pointed pick. Nothing can stop this tunneling terror-not walls, not boulder-maybe not even the Turtles! So listen hard and listen long, for the next sound you hear could be Splinter splintering!


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