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Breakin’ Loose Leonardo


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Product Description

What came first- the Ninja Turtle or the egg? It’s an age old Mutant mystery. But now, with the Kowabunga crackin’ Turtle Eggs, it doesn’t matter which – came first, cuz you got both! First, you start with a simple crank on the egg shell. Inside, the Mutant Leonardo grows more and more powerful. No need to crack the egg, though – Leonardo does the work for you! A creek gives way to a crack – then… BOOM! It’s shell shatterin’ time! The egg shell blows apart, exposin’ a freshly born Mutant Leonardo! You won’t have time to bust the yolk, cuz Leonardo rises from his cracked casing all green and blisterin’ for battle. Gradually he Mutates into a standing, fully grown Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle! Hatched from the Ooze-filled yoke of lite, Leonardo’s ready to wage war with the foolish Foot Clan. Joined by Hero Hatchin’ Michaelangelo, Shell Splittin’ Raphael and Eggsplodin’ Donatello, Leonardo’s got all the help he needs. Armed with his now infamous katana blades, Leonardo is born into this world with all his tough Ninja skills and Turtle tricks in tact. And once the battle is over and all the foot fall, Leonardo can return to his egg to be born once more.



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