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* Archie No. 9 Blue Line Original Art, pg 8 signed


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Archie Adventures No. 9

“Codename Chameleon” page 8

This colorful piece is an original colored blue line page with acetate ink overlay signed by Kevin.

In the 1990s this was how the colored pages which appeared in the Archie Adventures books were created.

This page was colored using the “blue line” process, developed for fully painted color pages in comics in the 1980s and 1990s, before computers were more readily utilized.  In this process the black and white ink line drawing is reproduced on a sheet of clear acetate; the same drawing was also reproduced in light blue ink on a heavy duty paper.  The colorist, using the light blue lines as a guide used markers to color the work and could lay the acetate over the colors to see what the finished work would look like.  In the printing process the color art was photographed for the color printing plates while the acetate ink line art was photographed separately for the black plate only which kept the lines crisp.

This artwork comprises the hand colored blue line page and the acetate overlay and the blue line is signed in gold ink by Kevin.

Each of these pages was hand cut and assembled so they vary slightly in size but we have matted this artwork in a black mat and the entire piece measures 16″ x 20″  This offers a unique opportunity to own original early TMNT artwork at a very affordable price and see the process of how the classic books were created too.


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