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5 New Titles

Five STELLAR collected volumes, each signed. Now available in VERY limited numbers.   All in our Signed Collectibles Department  ...


TMNT Grab Bag

A unique offering for Fan Club Members Only.  The Team Eastman Grab Bag includes 25 books for $50 We will...

International Ninja Day – Time to Shellabrate

International Ninja Day – Time to Shellabrate


Turtle Power! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Samurai Heroes – ART EXHIBIT

A unique and imaginative exhibit that brings together original graphic novel art from the collection of local Teenage Mutant Ninja...


Rhode Island and Original artwork

We haven’t been bringing a great deal of original artwork to the conventions recently but tomorrow (Saturday Nov. 12 only)...

New Comics Updates

New Comics Updates

A slew of new comics have been added to the website, some are exclusively for Fan Club Members and several...

Rhode Island Schedule

Rhode Island Schedule

Looking forward to being in RI this weekend. Here’s our schedule.  We hear its going to be a totally rockin’...


More Signed Comics added

We have expanded the signed comics section AGAIN with the addition of several new “older” Mirage titles as well as...


New Artwork from Mirage and IDW

We recently added several original works of art to the website from both Mirage and IDW.  The Mirage work includes...

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